Kingsley Picnic Races Weekend

Kingsley Picnic Race weekend will be on 13-14 January 2024


  • AM Saturday : campers caravaners ,cabin cruisers etc. set up at Kingsley Marina
  • 2.30 PM Sternchaser  racing to Kingsley, spectators arrive Kingsley
  • BYO BBQ Saturday night with race awards
  • Sunday Breakfast: courtesy of KFC
  • Sunday about 10.30 start: Sternchaser around the same circuit for 2 hours.( subject to change depending on mood of competitors after a night of CBBC socialising!)
  • Travel back to CBBC for Race 2 and series awards.
For those competing in the sternchaser:
  1. Race briefing 2.00pm Saturday 13th at CBBC club rooms
  2. Race 1 (Saturday) : course from CBBC to a triangular circuit between Rat Island and the Kingsley Marina
  3. Handicap start at 2.30 with the lowest handicap competitor starting at 2.30 and remaining competitors delaying their individual starts dependending on their handicap based on performance handicap in the CBBC Long Race Series (handicaps advised after close of entries prior to the event)
  4. Race finishes at 4.30pm  (2 hrs after start time) with the competitor with the most number of laps of the circuit and if same number of laps then closest to the next turning mark 
  5. Race 2: (Sunday after breakfast)  2 hour race around same circuit with same starting handicaps for 2 hours.
Mike (and Cec) South, the proprietors of the Kingsley property.
Kingsley course map - (typical only)

The Kingsley Picnic Races weekend began several years ago after Mike and Cec South decided to host a race weekend for everyone to enjoy. You don’t even need a boat. Many participants stay overnight in boats, caravans or tents and enjoy the BYO BBQ and picnic on the area located on Mike and Cec’s Kingsley  property on Point Sturt.

The Picnic Races feature a stern-chaser style based on individual skippers’ Personal Handicap (NHC) ratings. The boat with the lowest handicap start first at 0.00.00 minutes after the 5 minute start sequence has concluded. The second boat starts X:XX minutes later and so on.

The aim of the stern-chaser event is for all boats to attempt to improve their original position by overtaking other boats with better handicaps.

Race 1 (Saturday) – the start line will be located off the Long Jetty and after the start, all vessels then proceed upstream from Clayton Bay (see course map), to a mark off Rat Island, then sail north to a mark near the cliffs of Marshall’s Bight and then to a mark off the entrance to Kingsley Station.

The race has a time limit of 2 hours, so boats continue to sail the triangular course, in a clockwise (race 1) and anti-clockwise (race 2) direction, until the committee boat signals the two hours have expired.

All boats then retire to the Kingsley marina where the BBQ will be held.

Race 2 (Sunday), starts after breakfast, around 91m, and follows the same route as Race 1, except in the opposite direction, and after 2 hours the competitors head back to CBBC for a byo lunch where the race results will be announced.

Sponsored by KFC (Darren Stanbridge)