Clayton Bay Boat Club
Celebrates its 50th Anniversary

Thanking our Members, Life Members and past Commodores for 50 years of boating, sailing and friendship., and, “we still love it here” !

The Beginning

On the 8th January 1973, a discussion was held between Colin Brand and Scott Leslie regarding the needs of the Clayton Bay area. They both felt that as the area was near water, people would be mainly interested in boating.


On the morning of 9th January 1973, a further meeting was held between Colin Brand, Scott Leslie & Henry Jones, who was the Councillor for the area at that time, Henry was advised of the discussions of the previous day and was shown an area near where the public jetty is now located, and both Colin and Scott stated that this was the area which they would like to lease and have for a Boat Club. Henry stated at that time he could see no objection.


From here the Clayton Bay Boat Club came into being.

Honour Roll: Past Commodores and Life Members

The annual Rat Race Regatta

The Tom Bentley poem, written and narrated by Rob Jones.