CBBC 2021 SGM and AGM Page

To be held at the Clayton Community Hall
6 Alexandrina Drive, Clayton Bay.

Below is information about the Special General Meeting (SGM) proposed resolutions, for members to read before voting at the SGM to be held on 8th August 2021. Voting is limited to one vote per financial member. Immediately following the SGM will be the CBBC 2021 AGM, where we have 5 nominations for Committee plus the proposal for Life Membership. Please see the details below. 

Absentee Voting

If you are unable to attend the SGM or AGM, absentee voting opens on Saturday 31st July 2021 and closes Friday 6th August 2021. Absentee voting can be done on-line (see form below – which will appear when voting opens), or a Postal Vote will be deemed acceptable by prior arrangement – please contact the Secretary (0438 646 337, secretary@claytonbayboatclub.org.au)  

Special General Meeting

Resolution 1

Resolution 2

Draft Rules of Association

Draft Rules of Association
Draft Rules of Association

Left are the Rules of Association 2016 with the original 2020 amendments marked in Red and the review amendment 2021 marked in blue.

You are voting on the acceptance of these amendments both red and blue.   

The Rules of Association have been amended to bring them into line with contemporary standards and include CBBC rules that have been voted on but not incorporated.

The CBBC Committee requires approval from Members to expend funds up to $25,000 for repairs to the Long Arm Jetty. The First Round of the Facilities Grant was unsuccessful. Round two is pending at the end of June 2021. Outcomes are uncertain and there is a requirement for certainty of finalising the jetty repairs.

CBBC AGM 2021 - Nominations for Committee

Darren Stanbridge
Vice Commodore

Darren has been a long and active member of the CBBC for over 25 years and even longer with his family. Darren has served on the Committee since 2020 and been actively involved in coordinating many club social events.

Ric Kies

Ric joined the CBBC in 2013 and became club Secretary in 2019. Ric has been actively involved in organising club activities and social events. Ric has also greatly assisted many race events by manning the club safety/start boats.

Garry Jongewaard
General Committee

Garry has been a member of CBBC for over 30 years and joined the Committee in 2020. He has been Race Officer and assisted with many activities over the years.

Emily Maddern
Social Activities

Emily has been involved with the CBBC since the mid 2000's when her family bought a home in Clayton Bay. She joined the CBBC in 2018 and joined the Committee in 2020, organising social activities such as the successful Quiz Night held in 2021.

Craig Birbeck
General Committee

Craig joined the CBBC in 2002 and has been actively involved in racing and cruising during that time. He has served on the CBBC Committee as well as many other sailing organisations. Craig also organised the inaugural F15 Regatta held at the CBBC in 2021.

Nomination for Life Member - Dave Stanbridge

When CBBC was formed in the mid-seventies, it was engaged more with motor boat racing than to sailing and it wasn’t until about 1985, that newer members sought the inclusion of sail. Early members, Rob & Jane Hylton, and Jim and Marylou Davenport were instrumental in establishing an organised sailing wing to the activities of the Boat Club including the Rat Race Regatta and L & P Plate Racing series. Dave (Davo) Stanbridge joined the CBBC in the mid-eighties and was a regular participant in the early Rat Race Regattas and other Club races including the Tom Bentley Trophy, which was instituted in 1985 and held on Opening Day of the boating season. A personal anecdote that sums up Davo’s generosity in sharing his keen interest and expertise, gained over half a century of sailing, with other members. “In the early nineties, Keren and I bought Davo’s Farr 6 “Ayla”. Dave offered to sail with me on several occasions, generously donating hours of his time to assist me to master the boat and to improve my sailing generally, insisting that I go forward and sit on the pulpit to visualise the sail shapes from that angle and then to hold those images in my mind when I went back to the helm. This is a strategy that I’ve shared with several members when I have found myself in the role of teacher on someone else’s boat.” A further demonstration of his commitment and interest to sailing development resides in his own children and, more recently, his grandchildren. From the lofty perch of his former holiday flat behind the Club or from his property on the sharp bend in Island View Drive at the entrance to Duck’s Hospital, has observed and provided feedback to them as well as many other members of the Club. Davo has participated in, and assisted with the running of, club races over a number of years and he has drawn the respect and admiration of sailors from other clubs as a result of his successes in Lower Murray lakes sailing events. His skill and knowledge in sailing, particularly in Farr 6s was gleaned through years of sailing with former Farr Association President, and CBBC member, Frank Coggins, both locally and at Port Adelaide and Glenelg Sailing Clubs. Dave is a regular attendee at the monthly barbecues where, since his health declined, he continues his efforts in supporting Narelle, Darren, Justin and more recently, Lachie through his presence and thoughtful analysis of their performance. Davo’s contribution to this Club is reflective of the objectives of the CBBC as described in its Rules of Association: - OBJECTS AND PURPOSES 4.1. To encourage and promote recreational boating in all its forms amongst its members. 4.2. To promote recreational boating in the Lower Murray Lakes and Wetlands region. Davo has done both to a high degree. I take great pleasure in proposing Davo for the honour of Life Membership. Rob Jones